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The introduction of MFA to Federated Single Sign On (SSO) for ADFS has never been simpler. CyLock's Microsoft Certified ADFS adapter seamlessly connects with the ADFS software and enables users to sign in to a range of applications-including Office 365. Secure your Federated SSO experience today with advanced CyLock MFA capabilities.

Single sign-on is an authentication process that allows users to access various applications with one set of usernames and passwords.

With CyLock SSO, a user logs in with a single ID and password to access the related system or logs in using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and stored LDAP databases on (directory) servers.

The user signs in once and has links to various systems without having to re-enter the login credentials of each service. With a single authentication token (login credential pair), you may allow and reject access to different programs, computers, apps and several other services, reducing the chance of missing, forgotten or weak passwords.

CyLock SSO will be useful for efficiency, IT tracking and management, and security control if it is effectively enforced.

CyLock SSO provides the easiest and most secure experience across all platforms. CyLock SSO helps avoid frustration in memorizing multiple login and passwords for various applications, reducing security vulnerabilities.

The biggest advantage of CyLock SSO is the flexibility and quick implementation of Automated Password Protection, which means that the network administrator is no longer needed to manually support all employees with the service they want. In addition, this reduces the human error factor and frees Up to focus on more important tasks.

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