Why CyLock ?

Get to know our suite of MFA product capability and competitor comparison that will keep you in the good books of authorities.

The 2FA you always wanted

Rich choice of capabilities, deployment and pricing options

Upto 40% reduced Total Cost of Ownership as compared to hardware tokens

Best of both Worlds

Security/User-friendliness; you don't have to pick just one.

The 2FA you always wanted

CyLock offers a suite of capabilities to comprehensively cover your 2FA needs. Be it one-touch authentication or PIN based authentication or perhaps even geo-location aware 2FA, CyLock capabilities are always at your disposal. With fallback 2FA modes of CR-OTP and E-OTP, CyLock always protects your users, even when they do not have any 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity on their devices or even when they do not possess any device at all.

User-friendliness is an important aspect of any 2FA solution, which if overlooked, can lead to increased IT support costs. CyLock's features such as End Point Selection and Real Time Fraud Alert not just improve user experience but also encourage your users to perform online activities with confidence.

With a variety of deployment, integration and pricing options, you have the freedom to make CyLock truly yours.

CyLock's value-add is clearly demonstrated against its competitors.



Leading Mobile 2FA Competitor X

  • SMS OTP / Call

Leading Mobile 2FA Competitor Y

  • TOTP

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

One Time Password (OTP) tokens and Transaction Signing Tokens are well known and widely deployed 2FA solutions. However, with increasing cost pressure on IT departments, these solutions are losing favor. The hardware cost associated with token purchase, coupled with logistical costs of token distribution, enrollment and management, is proving to be prohibitively expensive and increasing difficult for IT heads to justify. To make things worse, tokens have a limited lifetime due to battery constraints and need to be typically replaced in 3-5 years' time, having to repeat the same laborious and expensive process again. In our Total Cost of Ownership analysis for 5000 users, CyLock cloud 2FA-as-a-Service offers up to 48% cost savings as compared to tokens. If you are looking for a cost-effective 2FA solution that does not compromise security or user-friendliness, CyLock is the answer.

Cybernexa CyLock

Best of both Worlds

Electronic logins and transactions are increasingly facing modern cyber threats such as Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle. Existing 2FA solutions such as OTP tokens, SMS OTP, App OTP or even transaction signing tokens do not protect your end-users against these threats. CyLock is a modern Out-of-Band (OOB) Mobile Authenticator that employs secondary channel communication to defend against such threats. With CyLock, you can be assured your enterprise services, apps, employees and end-users are being protected by the latest in second factor authentication technology. With a variety of deployment and integration options, getting OOB protection has never been simpler. What's more, CyLock gets 2FA done with technology people are already familiar with and trained to use- their own personal mobile phone or tablet. With End-Point selection feature, CyLock gets 2FA done even when your users are carrying multiple devices, giving them the freedom of choice. Marrying security with user-friendliness has never been this easy.

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