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How to protect user credentials from getting breached?

Nowadays most of the organization faces the wrath of the data breach, especially on protecting its user credentials. A data breach can occur because of many reasons and it might not be a temporary issue, so organizations have to protect their confidential data and ensure not to get affected again by using a secure platform like two factor authentication. One has to tread carefully because a small vulnerability in the security system can cause a massive data breach.

What is a data breach?

A data breach is a cybersecurity threat that can let hackers or an unauthorized person to access confidential and sensitive data. A data breach can happen in any scenario irrespective of the size of a business or nature of business. The more we connect ourselves with the internet, the more we are prone to cybersecurity risks like a data breach.

According to a Verizon report, 58 percent of data breaches are caused by the third party and  71 percent were because of financial motives. Verizon’s report also identifies that multi factor authentication systems like two factor authentication can immensely reduce data breach risks.

Types of data breaches:

Phishing: Hackers try to steal user credentials by identifying themselves as a trusted source.

Malware: Malware like ransomware attacks a computer’s operating system and steal sensitive information.

Denial of service: In this attack, hackers shut down the entire system and threaten users by exposing data.

Two factor authentication: The Best way to mitigate data breach

Two factor authentication is a type of multi factor authentication proven to be effective against many cybersecurity issues and reduces the extent of a data breach.

How does the two factor authentication work?

Two factor authentication protects your user credentials, network data, and confidential data by ensuring users to establish two different ways to give access to secure data. 

Factor 1: Your login credentials

Factor 2: Login through email or some other medium with authentication code

Here factor 2 authentication ensures that hackers are not getting access to email or text messages, thereby reducing data breach.

Cylock MFA: An Anti-data breach system

The world is facing a lot of challenges in the cybersecurity arena, thus using a protective cybersecurity system becomes unavoidable and recommended measure.

Cylock MFA from Cybernexa provides security features that you never have experienced before. Cylock is known for its powerful two factor authentication solution that protects you from data breaches and secures your username and password credentials. The Cylock app can be installed on any mobile device and easy to use with complete protection and trust.

With the Cylock app, login access becomes much easier for users and it will safeguard you from intruders making data breaches an issue of the past. 

Your wait for an excellent security system is  now over,  check out essential features of Cylock MFA

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